Grounds & Gardens

The homes of Avalon provide the very best of location, design and town and country living. HUSH embraces the idea of creating grounds and gardens that reflect the spirit and stateliness of each home. Drawing inspiration from the thriving foliage of Provence, Avalon provides colour, privacy and elegance with extensive landscaping. This includes mature trees and carefully-cultivated gardens designed to compliment Avalon’s lakeside surroundings and provide exclusivity. Every lot has its own landscape plan, designed by professional landscape architects. Features will include cobbled walkways and sitting areas, complemented by shrubs, bushes and borders to create year-round texture and interest.


HUSH’s optional landscaping enlarges the vision, adding ample colour in addition to lush greenery. Pathways become paving stones and bedding areas are expanded. With more trees, shrubs, and added flowering plants, the overall feel is that of manor-style grounds where pathways, waterscapes, shrubbery and seasonal blooms create a garden designed to engage the senses. Every lot has its own landscape plan designed by professional landscape architects. Avalon home buyers also have the opportunity to customize their landscapes through one-on-one meetings with the landscape architect.