Construction Methodology

Two concepts are fundamental to our construction methodology: communication and customer involvement. We are committed to educating our homeowners and providing unsurpassed quality and attention to each home built.

At each important stage of construction, we schedule a walk-through with our home buyers. This ensures that our clients are well-informed, connected and can make modifications as the work progresses. Additional walk-throughs may be requested at any time.

Home walk-throughs enable our clients to fully experience the design process. For example, working with our Interior Designer to choose finishes is complimented by the client’s ability to look at the home and see the finishes, the space and the real-life product.

Our approach means no surprises. You’ve seen the house from behind the drywall and have the ability to make changes to the interior as we go. Because of this, your move-in will be smooth and worry-free.
Seeing your home being built during construction and seeing what happens behind the drywall not only provides a great learning experience but is a testament to the our quality of our work.

HUSH will also post pictures and virtual walk-throughs on your HUSH Virtual Concierge™ website. Even from the comfort of your home or place of business, you are able to watch as your dreams come to life.