Design Methodology

During the design phase, you are assigned a professional designer and architect to shape the basic interior and exterior of your home. Our professionals are trained to execute our design methodology flawlessly, ensuring that your experience is informative and stress-free.

Next, your one-on-one session with a Green Consultant will enable you to make your home as environmentally sensitive and responsible as you desire. Our consultant will review your HUSH Green Standards and inform you of the green technologies at your disposal.

Further, consultations with your interior designer – such as the assisted visit to supplier showrooms – help you to make educated decisions about the many products and finishes in your home.  HUSH designers work with you at the décor centre, helping you select finishes, fixtures, and flooring.

A professional landscape architect is available to create an individual plan for your lot, making suggestions and reviewing changes as your home progresses.

Additional services are also available. Here, we assist you in the next level of your home’s design finishing, including furniture selection and placement, drapes and blinds, accessories, flat wear, and even linen and bed covers.

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