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What is HUSH?

More than a company HUSH™ is a state of mind. This state of mind is realized when we live by our values which are defined by our brand. HUSH is built on a strong foundation of challenging industry standards and never settling on generally-accepted practices and norms and we promise best-in-class experiences for everyone who touches our brand.

Virtual Concierge

Hush Client Concierge will work with you throughout the entire methodology. For more information please visit our website at


HUSH clients discuss their experience with HUSH and how they are impressed by the Green offerings that HUSH provides.

HUSH Homes, Client Testimonial, Methodology

HUSH clients speak about their experience building their dream home.

HUSH Methodology 

Part 1 : Client Focus and Sales Methodology

Where standard industry practice is to begin with building, at HUSH we begin with you. From the moment you have contact with a HUSH sales specialist, you will be engaged in a client-focused process.

Part 2 : Design Methodology

Supported by our trained professionals, our design methodology ensures that the experience of designing and finishing your home is pleasurable, informative, and stress free. During this part of the process, you are assigned a professional designer and architect to shape the basic interior and exterior of your home.

Part 3 : Construction Methodology

Our construction methodology is built on two unwavering fundamentals: communication and customer involvement. We are committed to educating our homeowners about the unsurpassed quality and attention built into each home. To ensure that you know what goes on during the construction process, walk-throughs are scheduled at every important stage of construction.

Part 4 : Post Sales and Continued Support Methodology

Your best-in-class HUSH Experience does not end with design and construction. Living in your home is Living the Experience - and HUSH wants to ensure that your ongoing needs are met. HUSH has surpassed all industry standards by creating service packages, to meet your needs as you move into and live in your HUSH home.

Completed Homes

6920 Second Line, Mississauga, Schoolhouse Vale

117 Paliser Court, Oakville, Avalon

128 Paliser Court, Oakville, Avalon

106 Kingsway Crescent, Toronto, HUSH Custom Home

108 Kingsway Crescent, Toronto, HUSH Custom Home