The HUSH Team

HUSH’s philosophy of unsurpassed standards is supported by an outstanding team of professionals, all of whom are committed to giving homeowners best-in-class experiences. 

NAHEEL SULEMAN, President, Founder and Visionary

As a Chartered Accountant, Naheel worked for some of the world’s largest companies, holding senior positions across a variety of industries. This business experience has given him valuable insight as to what makes a company great and successful.

Early in his career, Naheel partnered with a home builder and a condominium developer, learning the challenges faced by the home building industry first-hand. In 2000, Naheel set out to start something fresh; a new vision and goal for building homes.  

This was the genesis of HUSH. The HUSH concept focused on shifting the end product and focus from the product to the buyers experience. With design, education and post-move services, Naheel wanted to create a company that re-focused the perception of the home building industry, putting the buyer first. After extensive research and consultation, the HUSH Methodology was born.

In order to achieve his HUSH vision, Naheel consulted industry leaders, business experts and carefully chosen staff members who shared his passion for out-of-the-box innovation.  To ensure that the company’s passion for innovation remained the focus, Naheel also drew inspiration from industries that were different from the home-building industry, that focused on customer service and experience.

Of course, Naheel realized that great service and experience had to be complimented by a great product. This is why HUSH is at the leading edge of innovation and Green building practises.  Naheel did not want his buyers to be subjected to builder samples, but instead have access to any interior feature and finish they desire.  Trades and building partners were carefully selected for their reputation in service as well as their attention to detail and quality.

Naheel understands that communication and partnership with buyers is essential. A buyer’s expectations for the look and functionality of a new home cannot be assumed. Because of this understanding, Naheel bridges the gap of expectations between builder and buyer. The HUSH vision means not only caring for a client, but learning about them. A home buyer’s dreams, lifestyle and expectations for home life shape our design and building process.

Naheel insists that all members of his HUSH team go through a HUSH brand training program. Here, they learn what HUSH stands for, what it means to be HUSH and what is expected of them as a HUSH team member.  

At HUSH, Naheel created an environment of learning for his clients, too.  It’s intrinsic within the HUSH Methodology, wherein buyers are part of the architectural design, the Green, the landscaping and the interior finish process. With the HUSH Methodology, buyers understand exactly what is going into their homes.

“It’s an ambitious and lofty goal for HUSH to deliver on this vision. But, it is important and it is the only way to ensure our customers are happy, informed and get the best possible experience and product.  It is my dream - and ultimately HUSH’s dream - to create a process where our buyers are involved and educated in every step of the design and build-out of their home.  Our buyers should feel that HUSH has fully taken care of their every need.  I would love our buyers to move into their dream home with just their suitcase and toothbrush. It is our goal to leave no stone unturned and to create a relationship with our buyers that lasts for the many years they live in their home. During the time that our buyers live in their HUSH homes, we will be there to service their every need. Anything to do with their home – design, build out and service – HUSH wants to be part of it.  That is HUSH.”